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Fearless Lady Goes Fishing In A Tiny Boat With Giant Brown Bear |Photos



Fearless Lady Goes Fishing In A Tiny Boat With Giant Brown Bear

Russian and Animal lover Veronika Dichka took her best friend fishing and even let him row the boat as she stressed huge brown bear Archie is totally safe to be around

A brave woman says she isn’t angling for trouble after taking a huge brown bear on a fishing trip.

Veronika Dichka – who owns the incredible wild creature – spent the afternoon trying to catch him some dinner on a lake in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Giant Archie looked like he was having the time of his life, and even enjoys rowing the boat when she gets tired.

Veronika rescued Archie from a safari park that went out of business back in 2019.

They spend so much time together that she is totally convinced the potentially deadly animal would never turn on her.

So they went on a fishing trip and had some fun on the water to prove the point.

Veronika says they are friends with a close bond who cherishing each other’s company – and she isn’t worried about anything going wrong in their relationship.

Veronika arranged a photoshoot to show off how amazing and safe her buddy is to be around.

She said: “He sees me as a member of his family, we share food, sleep in my arms when afraid, and hide behind me.

“We rescued him from the safari park but can’t release him into the wild as he has lived in captivity his whole life.

“Archie spends every day with us and is madly in love with water.

“He loves it very much when I take him to new places, so this shoot was a pleasure for him!”

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