God Showed Me 26 Years Ago How Nnamdi Kanu Would Lead Biafra – Nigerian Cleric | Naija News
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God Showed Me 26 Years Ago How Nnamdi Kanu Would Lead Biafra – Nigerian Cleric



Nnamdi Kanu Replies Northern Elders Over Comment On Biafra

The Senior Pastor of the Redemption Life Fellowship, Abia State, Jude Chineme, has disclosed that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, was born to achieve the sovereign state of Biafra.

According to Chineme, God had revealed to him about 26 years ago before Ralph Nwazuruike formed the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra that an Igbo man from Umuahia would champion the Biafra agitation.

He, then, stated that Umuahia-born Kanu “is a moving train that no man can stop unless he gets to his destination.”

He added, “that guy is such a man that anything he wants to do, nobody on earth can discourage him unless God.”

The cleric stated this in a video while reacting to the arrest and detention of the IPOB leader.

My name is Bishop Jude N. Chineme. You know people like us don’t talk anyhow. We talk when it’s necessary. The Biafra agitation is something the Lord revealed to me many years ago, 26 if not 27 years ago. That was on 4th September 1994.

“The day I was in Terryvin hotel by Okigbe Road, Aba. In my wedding ceremony, the chairman of the wedding was Dr Edmund Ezirim, the owner of Blessing Clinic, 97 or 95 Port Harcourt Road, Aba.

“It was there that the Lord revealed to me the crowd heading to Umuahia. When did I ask that what kind of crowd is this? Then the Lord told me that was Biafra restoration. I saw the Biafra flag. And God vividly opened and told me that the man that would bring Biafra would come from Umuahia. That was 4th September 1994.

I now said it publicly. Dr Ezirim laughed. Did he say why this Biafra prophecy? That Biafra would not come back again. But, I told him that was what God revealed to me. Biafra restoration.

“By that time, Uwazuruike has not come with something like Biafra agitation. Years later, Nwazuruike now came up with Biafra agitation. The Lord told me Biafra would not come through Nwazuruike.

“So, later Nnamdi Kanu now came up with Biafra agitation and the Lord told me vividly told me that Biafra would come through him. That was why when people criticised him, say something about Biafra agitation and so on, I kept silent because I know that what Nnamdi Kanu is doing was exactly what God revealed to me on 4th September 1994. That day was on Sunday. And it rained heavily that day.”

The Bishop boasted further that Biafra will be achieved whether people pray about it or not, adding that the Lord had already told him.

“So, that’s why people say people should pray about the coming of Biafra. I refused to pray because I know the Lord has revealed to me and it’s something that must surely come to pass whether you pray or you fail to pray because the word of God must surely come to pass.

“And to me, what now spoke to me. This is what Nnamdi Kanu was born for. God sent him into this planet earth for that purpose. So, whether by prayer or not by prayer, it must surely come to pass,” the clergyman added.

The cleric called on the federal government to treat the IPOB leader with caution.

He advised President Muhammadu Buhari to have a dialogue with Kanu, insisting that peace talks were the remedy.

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