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Days After TB Joshua’s Burial, Crisis Rocks Synagogue As Leadership Rejects Wife As Successor




It appears all is not well in the Synagogue Church of All Nations, as stakeholders of the church took a U-turn debunking the news that Mrs Evelyn will be taking over the affairs of the church after her husband.

Naija News earlier reports that the wife of the late founder of SCOAN has been chosen to take over the affairs of the church.

The platform noted that elders of the church met and declared Evelyn the successor to the televangelist.

This comes after late Pastor TB Joshua died on Saturday, June 5, 2021, days before his 58th birthday.

However just a few days before the burial week, the stakeholders of the church debunked the news that Mrs Evelyn will be taking over the affairs of the church.

According to Dr Gary Tonge Freng, who spoke on behalf of the church, claimed no one has been appointed to lead the affairs of the church at the moment. On if there is someone in the church to take over the miracles performed by the late tele-evangelist, Freng said that the decision is a spiritual matter and not an administrative one.

“It’s not about machinery. It is about suitable people, and it’s about the move of the Holy Spirit. So there is simply no administrative answer to the question because it is not an administrative issue”,he told City People.

The decision of who will assume the role of General Overseer, according to another source will be a unanimous decision of a cabal within the church referred to as the 5 wise men.


The 5 wise men are the prophet’s sons who were profoundly influenced by T.B. Joshua. Those who have heard them preach or see them show God’s power can know where the grace comes from. Despite the fact that they were released by the prophet and are having an effect in their respective communities, they owe their lives to T.B Joshua and remain devoted to him.

Under T.B.’s supervision, the 5 wise men all served as pastors in SCOAN. Joshua was imprisoned for a long time; one of the Wise Men is said to have served for eight years before being released.

The wise men’s names are Wise Man Racine, Wise Man John Chi, Wise Man Harry, Wise Man Daniel, and Wise Man Christopher, in no particular sequence. Although it may be difficult, these men have a strong desire to carry on their father’s legacy and step in his footsteps.


A top aide who worked closely with the late TB Joshua but instructed not to be quoted had said that everyone is confused in the church right now as nobody expected this sudden death.

“For successor, he did not train anyone to succeed him. I am not aware of any succession plan in this church. There is none of the pastors that have been trained to succeed him. I would have known if any exists.

“But to the best of my knowledge, nobody in this church has been trained to succeed him, not even the 5 wisemen” he stated.

The inside source was asked if the entire SCOAN can operate without a substantive leader, he said “Very likely. That is what is going to happen. His shoes are very large. If there has been anybody that he earmarked to succeed him, we would have long noticed it in the church here.

“The person’s activities, actions and inactions would have indicated the direction of succession. After all, I am an inner member of his caucus.

“For now, the wife has taken charge. There are instructions on what to do and how things would go. In all of this, no service is in the programme. Services have been suspended,” he disclosed.

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