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Lightning Strikes 11 To Death While Taking Selfie



Lightning strikes have reportedly killed no fewer than 60 people in the northern states of India the last weekend.

The most recent strike in the country is the one that killed at least 11 people who are said to be taking selfies.

Naija News understands that the victims were on top of a watchtower in northern India when they were struck by lightning.

Some people were said to have jumped to the ground in fright at the 12th Century Amer Fort in Jaipur.

Rescuers search for survivors near the  watchtower so the Amer Fort. A footage taken from a nearby building shows the huge bolt as it struck the tourist attraction, where crowds of people had gathered to take pictures.

Senior police officer Anand Srivastava said most of the people who died at the tower were young.

Mr Srivastava said at least nine more people were killed and nearly 20 others were injured in separate lightning strikes when the state of Rajasthan was lashed with thunderstorms and monsoon rains.

In Uttar Pradesh, 18 people were killed by lightning on Sunday, July 11, a government official said. Most of those killed were farm labourers working in fields.

Both state governments announced financial compensation for the families of the victims and those who were injured.

Meanwhile, the country’s Meteorological Department has warned of more lightning in the next two days

Source: Naija News

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