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Baba Ijesha: Nigerians ‘Attack’ Yomi Fabiyi Over New Movie ‘Oko Iyabo’




Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi, is currently receiving backlash on social media over his newly produced film titled ‘Oko Iyabo’ (Iyabo’s husband).

Fabiyi is a close ally embattled actor, Olanrewaju Omiyinka, better known as Baba Ijesha, who was accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

Naija News understands that Baba Ijesha was recently granted bail after many hearings on the alleged rape of the young girl who is a foster child to Comedienne, Princess.

Fabiyi had battled the likes of actress Iyabo Ojo, Nkechi Blessing and others to stand with Ijesha over the case which caused commotion in the entertainment industry.

Feeling victorious over the case which is still fresh in the heart of many, Fabiyi who took  sides with Baba Ijesha during the case has went ahead to release a movie which is perceived to mock fellow actress, Iyabo Ojo.

Reacting to the movie, Nigerians on social media condemned Yomi Fabiyi whom some described as callous for creating such a movie.

Naija News understands that the actor used the names ‘Princess’ and ‘Iyabo’ to depict the real-life situation.

In his reaction, one @DrOlufunmilayo, wrote, “An underaged girl was allegedly raped in the past by a Yoruba actor. There’s a video proving further attempts by the same man. Yomi Fabiyi makes a movie mocking the child, her mom Princess and Iyabo Ojo the whistleblower. This is a complete utter shame to the entire Yoruba movie industry.”

A slam on Fabiyi by one @kankross on the new movie read: “Yomi Fabiyi is an animal and should be treated as such. Since the day I saw him supporting that Baba Ijesha saga, I get disgusted anytime I see either him or Baba Ijesha in any Yoruba movie. What is that stupid movie?”

You are wrong on this one. It sounds like a mockery even if you are right in the fight that the rule of law should be respected in this country, you shouldn’t stoop so low to this level!!! Big shame on you bro!” said @enythn.

Blaming society, @xerxesempress said, “The problem is not Yomi Fabiyi. The problem is not the Yoruba movie industry. The problem is the society in general where such a thing can happen and the person behind it can still have a career. The fact that he still has endorsements and is still allowed to act, explains a lot about us.”

Another tweep, @usmanashafe, tweeted, “A little girl was molested and one Yomi Fabiyi think it’s time to cash out with the story and then he went ahead to do a movie about it and named it ‘Oko Iyabo’. He knew some Nigerians are extremely foolish to applaud him and watch the movie and he banked on that. Shameful.”

Calling on all Nigerians, @adabekeeblog tweeted, “Please, simply go on YouTube and report the movie ‘Oko Iyabo’. Yomi Fabiyi is an evil man. How do you produce a movie about an ongoing rape case and paint the 14-year-old victim as a sugar baby, all to make money and shame the victim?? Nah, it can’t be well with you. Report it!!”

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“Yomi Fabiyi is a colossal disgrace. This ‘Oko Iyabo’ movie he just released is a total fail. Poor acting, poor script, everything about the movie was poorly done, see the way he tried to shame Iyabo Ojo by saying she is a prostitute and did juju to become famous,” @bimbexy tweeted.