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KolaqAlagbo Boss And His Second Wife, Kayamata Queen Miwa, Welcome Their Son


KolaqAlagbo Boss And His Second Wife, Kayamata Queen Miwa, Welcome Their Son

Babymama turn second wife, Kayamata Queen Miwa, has welcomed her first child with the CEO of Kolaq, Olayemi.

Naija News understands that the CEO OF Kolaq Alagbo, Olayeemi Omotolani Abeeb Lateef, a popular herbal company impregnated Miwa Signature which led to their marriage.

Announcing the birth of her child, Queen Miwa recount all the battles she had to fight until the birth of her son.

In her own words, she wrote; ‘My side of the story will remain my life decision and lesson, not an article for public review and comment.

I chose to stay quiet because of my mental state and the safety of my unborn child and not because I was wrong. Today, I’m grateful to God not just for my life but for 2. As a new mother, I naturally learnt to cherish my peace, I found myself letting go off everything I bottled up for long.

My fear, My worry, My cry, My pain, My thoughts took 1 second of genuine happiness to HEAL. The feeling is MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL yet UNEXPLAINABLE.

Ya Rabb, Thank you for EVERYTHING, I’m your favorite baby girl and I know it you have given me the best of BOTH worlds. I am a testimony of your Grace. Hadha min fadli Rabbi

Oluwatomiwa Ayinke, YOU are clothed in strength and laugh without fear of the future. A real woman who knows how to keep her life on track without seeking pity or validation. I’m proud of me because I survived the days i thought I couldn’t. I don’t lose, I learn! The best revenge is them seeing they didn’t stop shiit.

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I don’t need the last words on a situation REPORTED MANIPULATIVELY to bring me Down. I already sought HEALING and found peace in not proving a point. I’m proud of how I’ve handled the past few months, the silent battles I fought, the moments I had to humble myself and wipe my own tears ❤️ Nothing feels better than this PHASE… Happy birthday to the STRONGEST BABY GIRL ALIVE, I Celebrate YOUR STRENGTH MIMI 😍 The BATTLE IS ALREADY WON…..”

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