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Insecurity: ‘What A Terrible National Anthem, I’m Ashamed To Be A Nigerian’ – Varsity Lecturer




A member of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Benue State University, BSU chapter, Dr Ogi John Otor, has lamented the spate of insecurity in Nigeria under the incumbent administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The varsity lecturer in a statement he personally signed and shared on his social media page said he is ashamed to be a Nigerian. He makes reference to security crises currently rocking the nation as the horrible happenings foretold in the ‘Holy Books’.

Ogi condemned Nigerian leaders, saying he wondered how they sit in their black cars with agbada peddling themselves as leaders when they have not led themselves talkless of the people that voted them into power.

He asked the government to at least protect the lives of the citizens if it cannot give them the basics of life.

He said: “What a time to be a Nigerian, what a moment to be living in a dungeon, what a time to be a refugee in your own country, what a time, what a terrible moment, indeed terrible days forecast from the Holy book are arriving already.

“This very moment, though we are not the worst in the world, I dare to say that I am indeed ashamed of my citizenship of the zoo country. Waking up to the magic box screen daily, how do you feel? how do you all sit in your black cars with agbada peddling yourselves as leaders when you have not led yourselves,”

Ogi again attacked Nigerian leaders for keeping mum while their subjects die daily, stressing that the country’s National Anthem is no longer important to some Nigerians.

The lecturer who attributed the unfortunate happenings to bad governance reprimanded the presidential aides for defending a “defenceless government”.

He said, “How do you waste or sit and watch the lives of men and women, children of your country waste away, what a terrible National Anthem we have, I see people are no longer proud to pledge to their country because there is nothing to pledge to.

“If you cannot help give the people the basics of life at least protect their lives, no wonder General Ojukwu cried out during the Biafra war, mean from time immemorial the culture has remained the same “Today you send us milk and sugar and tomorrow a plane is heading to Lagos with arms and ammunitions, what’s the purpose, why prolong the agony”

“Today Femi Adeshina is busy defending a defenceless government, tomorrow Garba Shehu is giving pass mark to President Buhari to have performed overtly more than the past governments, news of killings has dominated the media, I don’t think the correspondents have to think of what to the report, every neighbourhood is already scampering because the next door the neighbour was killed by unknown gunmen. How did we get to this point, more guns than books, more cows than good water for the people?

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“Oh, Nigeria, you cannot fight insurgents but it is very easy for you to shoot Sowore, shameless police people, more typical and primitive than the mad man in my village. Regardless we are going to stand strong till we die, I can assure you that we are all going to die either now or later death cometh unto everyman”.