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About 70 People Injured In Kano Fuel Station Fire Incidents



Authorities in northern Nigeria’s Kano State have confirmed the governor’s injuries in a fire at a petrol station in Sharada area of ​​the state.

The state commissioner of works, Alhaji Garba Idriss Unguwar Rimi, confirmed the incident in a press conference, saying it was the fault of the fuel station.

“Everyone knows the law prohibits the dumping of oil at noon, especially in such hot and humid conditions in Kano, which has led to the fire.

He explained that the first incidence engulfed 43 people in the town, and eight of our firefighters, Garba explained further that the second incident started when an employee of the fuel station opened a surface tank.

However, reports indicate that the number of casualties exceeded the official estimate.

As the main road to the gas station was overcrowded, passersby and onlookers were also caught in the fire.

People have been evacuated and are being treated at the Mutala Muhammad General Hospital in central Kano.

Nura Abdulkadir Maigida, the information officer of the Kano State Fire Brigade, said they were investigating the cause of the fire to prevent further fires.