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Bayelsa Councillor, Miracle Tyna Rejects GoFundMe Donation After Constructing Bridge With Funds Meant For Her Official Car



Onem Miracle Tyna, a Bayelsa State ward councillor who went viral a few days ago has rejected the move to open a GoFundMe account on her behalf.

Naija News understands that the 31-year-old female councillor of the Ogbia Local Government Area of the State had her name on news headlines after using money meant for the purchase of her official car to construct a motorable bridge for her community.

Embarking and completing the project which links over four communities in Ogbia garnered commendations and praises on the politician who Nigerians described as a selfless leader.

Tyna had done this despite the discouragement from people who warned her of the monetary expense of such an undertaking. Photos of the bridge, before and after construction, had gone viral and members of the public hailed Tyna for her selfless service.

Bayelsa State Governor, Duoye Diri, is said to have invited the councillor to the state Government House.

However, using her newly created Twitter account on Sunday, Tyna rejected the huge  offers of fundraising from members of the public, urging her to do more for her people.

After due consultations from well-meaning Nigerians home and abroad,” Tyna tweeted, “I want to formally decline the offer to raise a GoFundMe or any form of CrowdFunding for any purpose whatsoever.

“I appreciate every effort so far, but this decision is necessary and does not mean to make anyone feel bad.”

“While I am [focused] on making [a] lasting impact within the little at my disposal, I know and I believe without doubt that H.E Senator Douye Diri will support me [to] do more for the people.

“Let’s all stay focused on being a true Servant to the people,” she added.