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From Enwerem To Lawan, Buhari To Gbajabiamila – Nigerian Senate Presidents And Speakers Since 1999 [Full List]




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Since the return to civilian rule in 1999, Nigeria has had different Senate President and Speakers of the National Assembly.

Naija News reports that some had successfully completed their tenures while others had to be removed by impeachment for corruption and other allegations.

Nigeria operates a bicameral legislature that comprises the Senate and House of Representatives.

Below is a list of all Nigeria National Assembly leaders.


Senate presidents

1. Senator Evan Enwerem (1999, Imo State, South-East Nigeria)

Senator Evan Enwerem was the first Senate president at the start of the Fourth Republic in 1999. He was, however, removed after six months. Enwerem is from Imo State in South-East Nigeria.

2. Senator Chuba Okadigbo (1999 – 2000, Delta State, South-South Nigeria)


Senator Chuba Okadigbo replaced Enwerem but was also removed in August 2000 after being accused of corruption. Okadigbo is from Asaba, Delta State, in South-South Nigeria.

3. Senator Anyim Pius Anyim (2000 – 2003, Ebonyi State, South-East Nigeria)

Senator Anyim Pius Anyim replaced Okadigbo in 2000 and headed the Senate until 2003. Anyim is from Ebonyi State in the South-East.


4. Senator Adolphus Wabara (2003 – 2005, Abia State, South-East Nigeria)

Senator Adolphus Wabara served as the president of the Senate from 2003 to 2005. He was forced to resign for allegedly involving a bribery scandal. He was later cleared of the allegation.

Wabara is from Abia State in the South-East.

5. Senator Ken Nnamani (2005 – 2007, Enugu State, South-East Nigeria)

Senator Ken Nnamani led the Senate from 2005 to 2007. He is from Enugu State in the South-East.

6. Senator David Mark (2007 – 2011, Benue State, North-Central)

Senator David Mark led the Senate from 2007 to 2011. He is from Benue State in the North-Central region.

7. Senator Bukola Saraki (2015 – 2019, Kwara State, North-Central)

Senator Bukola Saraki, a former governor of Kwara State, served as the president of the Senate from 2015 to 2019. He is from Kwara State in the North-Central.

8. Senator Ahmad Lawan (2019 – Date, Yobe State, North-East)

Senator Ahmad Lawan is the current president of the Senate. His tenure began in 2019. Lawan is from Yobe State in the North-East region.

Out of the eight Senate presidents Nigeria has had since 1999, the South-East region produced four while the North-Central produced two.

South-South and North-East produced only one each.

House of Reps Speakers

1. Salisu Buhari (1999, Kano State, North-West Nigeria)

Salisu Buhari from Kano State was the first speaker of the House in the Fourth Republic. He occupied the position between June and July 1999 before he had to resign over the certificate falsification scandal. He is from Kano State in the North-West.

2. Ghali Na’Abba (1999 – 2003, Kano State, North-West Nigeria)

Ghali Na’Abba replaced Salisu Buhari and occupied the position till 2003. He is also from Kano State in the North-West.

3. Aminu Masari (2003 – 2007, Katsina State, North-West)

Aminu Masari held the position of the Speaker of the House of Representatives from 2003 to 2007. He hails from Katsina State in the North-West.

4. Patricia Etteh (2007, Osun State, South-West)

To date, Patricia Etteh is the first and only female lawmaker elected speaker of the House. She became the Speaker in 2007. However, she only lasted five months due to a corruption scandal.

Etteh is from Osun State in the South-West.

5. Dimeji Bankole (2007 – 2011, Ogun State, South-West)

Dimeji Bankole replaced Etteh in 2007 and held the position from 2007 to 2011. He is from Ogun State in the South-West region.

6. Aminu Tambuwal (2011 – 2015, Sokoto State, North-West)

Aminu Tambuwal succeeded Bankole in 2011 and held the position till 2015. He is the current governor of Sokoto State in the North-West region.

7. Yakubu Dogara (2015 – 2019, Bauchi State, North-East)

Yakubu Dogara emerged speaker in June 2015 and held the position until 2019. He is from Bauchi State in the North-East region.

8. Femi Gbajabiamila (2019 – Date, Lagos, South-West)

Femi Gbajabiamila is the current Speaker of the House of Reps. He hails from Lagos in the South-West.

Out of the eight Speakers Nigeria has had since 1999, North-West produced four while North-East produced one. The South-West produced the remaining three.

George Oshogwe Ogbolu is a Digital Media Strategist | Content Writer | Journalist | New Media Influencer | Proofreader and Editor at Naija News.

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