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Nigerian Pastor Challenges Prophet Odumejeje To A Spiritual Battle, Invites The Public



Nigerian pastor, Goodheart Val Aloysius has taken to social media to challenge Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere Odumejeje to come out and prove whether or not he’s a real prophet.

Pastor Goodheart via his facebook page also called out Odumejeje for his actions when comedienne, Ada Jesus, asked him for forgiveness, urging the controversial prophet to change his ways. According to Goodheart, Odumejeje is not a prophet but just an entertainer. He added that if Odumejeje claims to have spiritual powers than he should come out and prove it. He also invited all media houses to be present to captured moments Odumejeje showcases his powers. 

Challenging Odumejeje to a spiritual battle to prove his ways; Goodheart wrote;

 ”With Ada Jesus and Odumeji saga you should now know that odumeji is not a prophet and has no spiritual powers from anywhere.

All those things he calls miracles in his church are all staged and arranged to make him appear powerful. Odumeji is not a prophet but a mare entertainer and singer. Ada Jesus was brought to him for prayers and when he saw the critical nature of the girls case faith left him and he started ranting stupidity. Come to think of it what did Ada Jesus really say about you that is an offence? Just because she observed that your miracles are staged and you picked offence?.. Young man change your ways before it will be too late. If Odumeji said He is a prophet or he has spiritual powers LET ME AND HIM MEET AT THE NATIONAL STADIUM IN ABUJA ON MAY 31ST 2021 BY 12NOON TO CALL DOWN RAIN AND LET NIGERIANS SEE A REAL PROPHET AND A FAKE PROPHET. ALL THE MEDIA HOUSES IN NIGERIA WILL BE PRESENT AT THE EVENT IF ANY OF US FAIL TO CALL DOWN RAIN OUR CHURCHES SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN. I WANT EVERY WELL MEANING NIGERIAN TO SUPPORT THIS PROOF OF POWER.”

Source: Naija News