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Ada Jesus: You’ll Be The Next – Rita Edochie Tells Critics



Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie, on Monday noted that those criticising her over the death of comedienne, Ada Jesus, “will be the next on the line.”

Edochie posted a video on her Instagram showing a young man who defended her for not forgiving Ada Jesus when she sought forgiveness for defaming her.

In the caption section of the video, the actress wrote, “For those of you still talking anyhow, you will be next on the line. I don’t know this boy, but I want to thank you so much for saying the truth, my mind and that of my family.”

The comedienne before her death made several allegations against several people, including Edochie and Anambra-based prophet, Chukwuemeka Odumeje.

Ada Jesus claimed that Odumejeje connived with Edochie to stage fake miracles and further alleged that she helped Edochie get men to sleep with her.

Edochie who was not pleased with the development vowed never to forgive the comedienne.

The actress, however, made a u-turn, stating that she has forgiven her.

Odumejeje also forgave the young lady and reportedly gifted her parents N1m for her treatment.

Despite their forgiveness, the comedienne died of kidney disease, and Nigerians wasted no time to attack the actress and Odumejeje

Defending the actress, the unknown young man via a video posted on Edochie’s page said, “We have lost our norms but people no longer respect elderly people because of social media. Because we are all on Facebook, you feel it is somewhere we can easily type and insult people without realising that there is still reality after this social media stuff.

This is somebody who is old enough to be your mother. To some of you out there, she is even old enough to be your grandmother; but because you have smartphones, you go out there typing rubbish, insulting somebody. It feels so bad to even think of the whole thing.

The issue between that woman and Ada Jesus, if it is not for the hypocrisy of most of you Nigerians, if you placed your mother in that woman’s shoes, if that little girl of that age would come out publicly to say all those manner of things concerning your mother, to tarnish her image. Someone of that calibre, imagine Ada Jesus coming out to say that your mum comes to ask her to connect her to men, how would you feel?

“So, because of that once that she did not forgive instantly, she now becomes a bad person. You totally forgot all what the girl has been doing to her. You forgot how long her image has been tarnished. It is not fair. The woman went back home, slept over it and then forgave her. So, what is the big deal there?”

The man further said that there were people that would have had similar issue with Ada Jesus, but were waiting for her to recover to sue her and charge her for defamation of character.

He added, “If it is not hypocrisy on the part of most people that are commenting, most of you perpetrate more evil than what you are accusing these people of. Please let’s call a spade a spade; if we see the truth let us say the truth. The girl went extremely far.”(sic)

Source: Naija News

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