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Jubilation As Lagos Amputee Hawker Set To Open Supermarket



The viral Lagos amputee hawker has revealed that she would build a supermarket with all the funds from within and outside Nigeria. Ms Daniel,used to sell bottled water on highways in the Oshodi area of Lagos, marked her 27th birthday with fanfare.

“I feel happy today,” she said. “I didn’t celebrate my birthday last year. I am grateful to God for what He has done in my life,” she said, her face lit up with smiles. “I never thought I would mark my birthday in a big way like this.”

She added, “People who know me before now have been calling me and making kind remarks about me. They said I have changed for good and they can hardly recognize me again.”

Life became tough for her after the incident, forcing her to drop out of secondary school. In 2018, she relocated to Delta State after her fiancé impregnated her and denied responsibility. She would later relocate to Lagos in March where her life changed.
“I want to set up a supermarket where I will be selling cartons of noodles, bottled water, drinks, food stuffs and other items,” she said.
According to Daniel, she would employ two of her cousins — one based in Awka, Anambra State and the other based in Asaba, Delta.

“As soon as I get my own apartment, I will bring my daughter to Lagos. I hope my story will inspire people in my condition to always try to struggle to earn a living,” the single mum who is in the protective custody of Lagos State Government said.
Daniel further revealed t o that a non-governmental organisation was footing the bill of a prosthesis for her.
“The people that will do the artificial leg came on Monday to take the measurement of my leg. They said it would be ready in one month’s time,” she said.

Source: Naija News