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Why Fulani Bandits Are Now Helping Military Kill Islamist Terrorists – Gumi



Order Immediate Arrest Of Gumi - Southern Group Tells Buhari

Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, on Wednesday, disclosed that Fulani bandits are at war with Ansaru terrorist group who are attacking northern part of Nigeria.

According to the Guardian, the cleric noted that the ideology of terrorist groups is different from the plans of terrorist groups, adding that Fulani man is concerned about survival.

Gumi further stated that the bandits have given the Ansaru terrorists 10 days to vacate their territory.

The cleric urged the government to quickly intervene, noting that their visits to thef forests were yielding positive results.

He added that his meeting with the bandits made them resist attempts by the Ansaru terrorists to indoctrinate them.

Gumi claimed that the bandits are carrying out the duties of the military, which is to fight and kill terrorists.

When asked how bandits could be differentiated from foreign invaders, the cleric said: “There is infiltration by Islamic terrorist groups. Yes, they have infiltrated the Fulani, but the Fulani have a vision. Theirs is to fight existential war. For example, they can’t go to market or travel to Zuru because they would be lynched; so the best thing is to get weapons to fight.”

“They will say the military too is killing their children and women; so they accept the Fulani from outside to assist them. But as they are coming in, some of the elements of Islamic terrorists join them.”

Narrating how the bandits resist the terrorists’ antics, Gumi said, “When we went to Niger State, we spoke with one of the gang leaders to join in the peace process. He was even the one who negotiated the release of the Kangara boys and others.

“After we came out, he talked to the contact, telling them that they were approached by the Ansaru groups who told them not to trust me and my entourage; that we are democratic scholars and shouldn’t be welcomed. This is why I’m urging government to intervene fast. No time to waste.”

Gumi said the bandits leader informed the terrorist that his men had deeper knowledge of Islam than the Ansarus, adding that they would continue the mediation with us.

He added, “The Ansarus later ambushed the man’s uncle and killed him. So, the bandits’ leader has given the Ansaru terrorists 10 days to vacate the bush.”

According to the cleric, some individuals are making wealth from security issues affecting the country.

Whoever is in the chain of when money is made available for defence, whoever benefits, wouldn’t want the problems to stop, because defence budget is unaccounted for. I found that the resistance is from where money is made available,” Gumi added.

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