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Hajj 2021: Saudi Arabia Mandates Vaccination For Pilgrimage



Foreigners could not perform Hajj in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Saudi Ministry of Health requires all foreign pilgrims to take two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine before the 2021 Hajj.

Saudi Gazette reported that the ministry expects the pilgrims to be vaccinated twice with a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). a week before arriving in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the pilgrims are expected to obtain a negative COVID-19 laboratory test, 72 hours before arrival in the country.

They would also undergo quarantine for three days. Pilgrims will only come out after testing proves they are not infected.

The ministry also stipulated that only 18 to 60-year-olds would perform the hajj for the year 1442 AH.

Other requirements include wearing masks and maintenance of a distance of at least one and a half meters between the pilgrims. Only a group of 100 people will perform the rituals at the same time.

For Saudi residents, the Ministry of Health says it expects 60 per cent of Mecca and Medina residents to be vaccinated before Dhul-Hijjah – the month of Hajj – according to Okaz’s report.

Among the rules laid down for them is that all Hajj pilgrims must perform the precautionary measures, which are approved by the country.

Saudi pilgrims must also be vaccinated twice before the 1st of Dhul Hijjah.

The COVID-19 outbreak prompted Saudi Arabia to bar foreign pilgrims from entering the country in 2020 Hajj, where only 1,000 people perform the rituals.

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