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Christian Group Reveal Constitution That Is ‘Best’ To Restore Sanity To Nigeria


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The 1999 Constitution which Nigeria is currently using has been described as failure and destructive.

Showing concern for the state of the nation, a civil society organisation, the Advocates for Freedom and Democracy, stated that Nigeria as a nation won’t regain its sanity until the 1963 constitution is reintroduced.

Naija News understands that the group stated this during a virtual meeting by its speakers and members over the weekend.

The event themed, ‘Conversations On National Questions Series (1): Resetting Nigeria To Sanity’, co-organised by the Christian Social Movement of Nigeria had one of the speakers as Pastor Bosun Emmanuel.


Speaking during the meeting, Pastor Emmanuel noted that the forum was not for rebellion, nor was it against the Nigerian government but to proffer workable solutions to restore sanity in the country.

He said, “We are not gathered here for rebellion, we are not also gathered here for anarchy; we are Christians and we are having a conversation about what is best for our country.”

According to him, Nigeria is sitting on the edges and “to restructure Nigeria is the most sensible step that must be taken under the circumstance that we are in”. The Christian leader proposed that the country should go back to the 1963 Constitution, use the constitution as a template for a new Nigeria, noting that 1999 has done no good to the nation.


He said: “The status quo – the way we are going now is going to cause more destruction, more deaths. If we want to restructure Nigeria to sanity, we are looking at these two options – either we restructure or we are forced to take the path of the Constitutional Force Majeur and all that it implies,”

On his part, while addressing members of the group also, Dr Akin Fapounda, who is the Secretary of the Eminent Elders Forum, harped on the need for negotiations to avert war in the land.

“In human affairs, you can do negotiations, you can go to war but at the end of the war, you must still come back to negotiations to finalise. Our position is: can we do negotiations to agree on issues before we go to war if we have to?” he asked.


Dr Fapounda added: “The bottom line is: Nigeria is no longer valid; one member of Nigeria is now with guns against others. The fabric of Nigeria can no longer hold, we have to rebuild Nigeria.”

He insisted that the present Nigerian Constitution signed by the then leader, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has made the country go into bankruptcy by concentrating powers at the centre at the detriment of the parts.

“How does a new Nigeria look like? We want each region to be autonomous –we want a very small centre– every region should be able to do what it wants to do,” he stated.


Meanwhile, the Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, AYCF, has blamed the Federal Government for banditry and security issues in the country.
The National President of the forum, Yerima Shettima, noted that it is the responsibility of the federal government to provide security for Nigerians, but it has failed to do so, Naija News reports.