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El-Rufai Reveals Why Bandits Activities Increased In North-West



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Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has stated that the failure to mount a simultaneous and sustained bombardment against bandits in the north-west has led to an increase in their activities.

Naija News reports that El-Rufai stated this on Wednesday at the presentation of the 2020 Annual Security Report in Kaduna.

According to the governor, his state and neighbouring states have been supporting the efforts of security agencies with funding and resources since 2015.

“Together with Niger state and our neighbours in the north-west, we put together resources to fund military operations against bandits in the Kamuku-Kuyambana forest range that straddles the region,” he said.

He however expressed regrets that the collaboration “was not sustained or expanded into a campaign of continuous, simultaneous operations against the bandits across our vast region.

“Failure to contain and defeat them in one place has emboldened them to develop a national footprint and endanger national cohesion.”

“The security of our communities depend on the robust projection of state power, and that can only be done with sufficient security numbers to overawe and deter criminals,” he added.

Governor El-Rufai also called for the establishment of state police, stressing that the current police set up in Nigeria are not adequate enough.

He added: “The prerogatives of the state need to be asserted, not merely proclaimed. The people we put in uniform must never be placed in avoidable danger, outgunned or outnumbered by non-state actors.

“In our view, critical to multiplying and reinforcing state power is a decentralisation of policing.

“There are simply are not enough police officers in Nigeria and the idea of policing such a vast, federal republic of nearly a million square kilometres in a unitary manner is not pragmatic.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael

    12 March 2021 at 12:39 PM

    Nigeria needs more soldiers and policemen instead of building railway lines to Niger republic. We also need to fight BH snd bandits with deadly military drones which we can buy from Israel and turkey. We will never win the war against them if we fight in the old outdated way. These drones can kill these criminals as they start coming out from their hideouts. We also need real economic development of our rural areas to provide jobs for the restless youths. Finally we should modernise and computerise all aspects of central government work to defeat fraud and stealing of public funds. We should stop being primitive and dim witted.

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