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Cristiano Ronaldo Buys Entire Juventus Squad iMacs



Cristiano Ronaldo Buys Entire Juventus Squad iMacs

Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has revealed that his teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo was made to buy the entire squad iMacs after his 2018 red card against Valencia.

On his Champions League debut for the Old Lady, the Portuguese superstar was reduced to tears after being red-carded for pulling the hair of opposition defender Jeison Murillo.

Juventus went on to win 2-0 anyway, but boss Massimiliano Allegri’s disciplinary rules at the club stated that following a misdemeanor, the perpetrator must buy all of his team-mates a gift as an apology.

Despite his superstar status, Ronaldo was not above this rule, although he tried to wriggle out of it. He was so incensed at the decision, that for two months he refused to take his punishment, insisting that he’d done nothing wrong.

But eventually, Allegri calmly showed who was boss – and Ronaldo’s team-mates all ended up with new iMac computers.

Szczesny told Polish talk show Prosto w Szczene: “Yes, we all have an iMac.

“It took a very long time because he couldn’t process that red card and insisted high and low that he was not doing anything wrong.

“It took him a bit, about two months of arguing, but we all have received an iMac.”

However, Szczesny said Ronaldo wasn’t the only one to fall foul of Allegri’s punishment system.

The goalie revealed that he’d also been forced to fork out on presents for his team-mates, after being late for training.

He explained: “I thought it was Tuesday, but it turned out to be Wednesday that day.

“Allegri called me and said everyone was already there. When I arrived half an hour late on the training field, everyone said: ‘oh, we’re getting presents!’ I ended up buying headphones for the boys.”

The 29-year-old bought all of his team-mates Dr. Dre Beats headphones as an apology for being late.

Disciplinarian Allegri departed the club at the end of that campaign and Maurizio Sarri took charge at the Allianz Stadium in June 2019.

Source: Naija News

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