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UK Woman Gives Birth To Triplets From Different Wombs



A United Kingdom-based woman has delivered triplets from two different wombs.

32-year-old Melanie Bassett who is said to be a mother of two left many in awe after the delivery of the triplet, a development considered as nothing short of a miracle.

Naija News learnt that Basset became humbled after her doctors confirmed that she was carrying identical babies in one of her wombs and another baby in a second womb.

It was said that the discovery was first made when Basset became pregnant with her first child Phoebe, now three, in 2016, along with her husband Ben, 33, Melanie, from Hampshire, then welcomed their first son Blake into the world in 2019.

See more photo of the parent below:

Naija News understands that having twins from two wombs, commonly known as uterus didelphys, is estimated to be a one in a million occurrence. However, Basset’s case is thought to be the first example of the rare case in the UK.

Findings revealed that Basset had her first and second child delivered via C-section. Then two months after welcoming her second child via CS, she discovered she was pregnant again.

It was further confirmed that the parents were told in the 12-week after a by a sonographer that they should be expecting triplets in separate wombs. Melanie and Ben were advised to go for scans every fortnight so doctors can keep an eye on the pregnancy.

Eventually, the triplets were delivered again via C-section at 32 weeks on January 26 this year, Naija News learnt.

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Source: Naija News

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