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Woman Reveals How Much Prostitutes Receive Daily After Sleeping With 5-7 Men



A woman, Etiennette Ajoluje has taken to Facebook to she the encounter she had with young commercial sex workers in a brothel, located at a slum in Lagos.

Ajoluje who visited the brothel today, Nov 6, said the ladies there make an average of N5000 daily from sleeping with 5 – 7 men.

She said about four out of the ladies were already pregnant, and one is a mother to a 16 months old baby.

She then registered their  readiness to quit prostitution.

Her post read

3 months ago, a young beautiful girl approached me and pleaded with tears in her eyes to help her leave the street.

”She is a SEX-WORKER. She called me 4 days ago, the reason am making this post now. I took her to a local restaurant (Mama put), we ate & drank. I made her feel so relaxed so that she can tell me what really happened.

”She sleeps with 5-7 men daily and gets #500-1000 per person. She took me to the brothel where she pays #1k daily

I met a girl with her 1 yr & 4months old baby in d same brothel. I saw 4 pregnant ones. 10 of them told me with tears that they want to become gud gals

Some of them are hairdressers, tailors, caterers etc. I beg my people. Make una ADVISE & HELP ME LOOK DIS MATA. NA MESSENGER I BE OOH

Read her post below:


Source: Naija News

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