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What Will Happen To Muslims If I Win #USElection2020 – Joe Biden (Video)



What Will Happen To Muslims If I Win #USElection2020 - Joe Biden (Video)

Former Vice President of the United States and candidate of the Democratic Party in the ongoing Us Election 2020, Joe Biden, has promised to treat Muslims equally should he become President.

Naija News reports the United States at the moment is conducting its Presidential election. The US election 2020 is between President Donald Trump and former Vice President, Joe Biden. While Trump is seeking a second term in office on the platform of the Republican party, Biden on the other hand is hoping to unseat him using the platform of the Democratic party.

On Thursday, Biden had since secured 264 electoral votes, showing that he needs six electoral votes to meet the needed 270 to win the 2020 presidential election in the United States of America while Trump, on the other hand, has just 214 electoral votes.

In a video that has gone viral on the internet, Joe Biden who has the confidence of winning the US Presidential elections, Biden promised that when he becomes president, he will treat Muslims in America equally.

“Be proud, be proud, I mean it. If I become President, I will treat Islam like every other confessional faith,” the US Presidential hopeful said ahead of the announcement of the official US election results.

Source: Naija News