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US Election: Joe Biden Wins Michigan, Trump Files Lawsuits



Michigan electoral officials continued to count the votes and called for patience on Wednesday as mainstream media gave Joe Biden the state and Donald Trump claimed victory.

By early evening, Joe Biden held onto a lead of more than 100,000 votes - or 1.9 percentage points - after 98 percent of the vote was counted.

But Donald Trump's lawyers did not wait to take out the heavy artillery, complaining that they did not have adequate access to the rooms where the tally occurs. In court proceedings, the presidential campaign called on the state to "stop counting until better access is provided to us and recount ballots counted during the period when we did not have adequate access."

On Twitter, the US president questioned the validity of the count in Michigan, while the advance he held there Tuesday evening disappeared overnight.

"We will continue to count"

The count continued yesterday at the TCF Center, a convention centre in downtown Detroit. Outside, dozens of Republican activists demanded access to the facilities: they shouted "Let us in! "And" Stop counting! ". Windows had to be protected to prevent them from shattering into pieces.

"We will continue to count, we will continue to do our work, we will continue to publish our results," Jocelyn Benson, Michigan Secretary of State, said on CNN, before Donald Trump's campaign was over. announced his willingness to continue his administration. "We are very meticulous, we understand what is at stake. […] If we have to continue working tomorrow, we will."

According to Ms Benson, ballots that should be counted are mainly from postal voting in the cities of Detroit, Flint and Grand Rapids, a vote that should benefit the Democrats.

"Lots of filters in place"

"We understand that the process can be challenged, so we do everything according to the rules," continued Ms. Benson. "We make sure every ballot is valid. We have a lot of filters in place to make sure every vote is legal and that every voter has only voted once. "

The election campaign was particularly tense in Michigan, a largely deindustrialised state backing onto the Great Lakes. The dismantling of an armed militia that allegedly planned the kidnapping of the local Democratic governor troubled voters, as did the presence of armed men on the forecourt of the state capitol last spring.

Michigan is part of the "Blue Wall", those traditionally Democratic states that partially switched to the Republican side in 2016, providing victory to Donald Trump.

Source: Naija News