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Sexual Assault? Who Is At Fault Here – [Watch Video]



Sexual assault, a term which could be simply explained as an act of physical, psychological and emotional violation another person in the form of a sexual act without their consent, has been a serious matter of public interest in the past few years in Nigeria.

A video going viral on social media presently show how a lady without the consent of an Okada man who was driving her to a location satisfy her sexual urge. The event, however, turned dramatic after the Okada man tried to replicate her acts.

Naija News understands that the lady as seen in the video, kissed the man on the back of his head pressing her boobs on him while driving. Paying her back, he turned his face to kiss her on the lip.

She, however, reacted angrily in the Yoruba language, saying ‘Were le leyi’, meaning (This one is a mad man).

Watch the video below as shared by a Twitter user, Kenny.

In your judgment, who is at fault here should legal action be taken?

In another news earlier, Naija News reported that Hausa film star, Rahama Sadau has apologized to her loved ones, family and friends for the response of her fans to some of the photos she posted on her social media pages.

The actress appeared in a video posted on her Instagram page wearing a hijab, crying and asking for forgiveness, Naija News reports.

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