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#USElection2020: Biden Leading Trump In Early Win As Race Gets Tougher



The battle for the US Presidential seat between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden is a tight one,p with signs that a momentous election could come down to Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Presently, Biden holds the lead in the Electoral College, 220-213; 270 electoral votes are needed to become president.

Early Wednesday morning, Biden was the first candidate to speak to supporters, after a night of results didn’t deliver a quick winner, saying that “we believe we’re on track to win this election.”

Biden said it wasn’t up to himself or Trump to decide who wins, but the votes.

Keep the faith guys, we’re going to win this,” Biden said.

Trump followed Biden’s statement with a tweet of his own, claiming to be “up BIG” and promising to make a statement later in the night.

According to CNN, Trump won a close race in Florida, which was one of the states Biden had hoped to peel away from the President’s 2016 map and has a narrow edge in North Carolina, which remains too close to call. The former vice president is hoping that Arizona, where he has a 8 percentage point lead with 75% of the ballots counted could be his first victory of the night that turns a red state blue.

Increasingly it appears that the result of the entire election could hinge on whether Biden can restore the Democratic “blue wall” in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, a scenario that could mean the result may not be known on Tuesday night, and could stretch into the coming days as large numbers of mail-in votes are counted.

Biden currently leads the Electoral College at this early stage in the night, but the key battlegrounds that will decide who serves as president for the next four years are still in play.

The night unfolded as the most unorthodox election night in modern memory. At times it appeared like one candidate or the other was heading for an early win in important states. But batches of mail-in and early votes meant the count often dramatically shifted one way or the other.

Polls are now closed across the continental US on a nerve-jangling night that will set the nation’s course for the next four years and cast judgment on the most tumultuous presidency of the modern age. Results are flowing in from battlegrounds and it’s too early to make a projection in many key states.


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