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Shoprite Burgled, Kwara Residents Invade COVID-19 Palliatives Warehouse, Escape With Food Items



Residents of Ilorin, the Kwara State capital on Friday, stormed the warehouses where the government stored COVID-19 palliatives expected to be distributed to citizens.

The warehouses, located at the cargo warehouse of the International airport in Ilorin as well as the agro-mall located in the Sango area of the state were totally ransacked as residents struggled to pack as much food items as they could.

Breaking into warehouses and looting the items stored there is recently fast becoming a trend in Nigeria as similar incidents have been recorded in Lagos and Osun States.

Watch the videos of happenings in Ilorin.

Apart from the COVID-19 palliatives, the Kwara mall, popularly known as Shoprite was also invaded and massive looting of properties of shop owners carried out.

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