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“We Remain Here To Help Peaceful #EndSARS Protesters Nationwide 24/7” – Youth Organized Volunteer Response Team



Following the violent shootings of peaceful protesters across Nigeria on October 21, the End Sars Response Unit, an organized team of volunteers supporting non-violent protesters nationwide alerts patriotic protesters nationwide that it remains committed to connecting them with the funds, security, legal, medical and mental health support 24/7.

As young Nigerians continue non-violent protests online and offline, a team of volunteers works adamantly to support citizens. In order for demonstrations to maintain their decentralized nature, the End Sars Response Unit (itself a decentralized unit) focuses on connecting citizens with crowdsourced help and funds across Nigeria to help them exercise their civil rights. With a 24/7 hotline and social media response team, the volunteers are not backing down –

“Even if we face this terror afraid, we cannot turn our back for those who lost their lives upholding peace, unity and progress.”

The 24-hour response team began operations on the October 13, has responded to over 5,000 direct messages on Twitter, 350 messages on Instagram and fulfilled over 1,200 peaceful protest support requests from 26 states including the Federal Capital Territory – all in 1 week (168 straight hours).

To get help from the End Sars Response Unit, reach them on Twitter (@EndSarsResponse), Instagram (@officialendsarsresponse) and on the nationwide hotline 01-700-1755.