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#EndSARS: ‘Some Of You Think With Your Asses’ – Bauchi Governor’s Daughter, Zara Blast Protesters



Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State’s daughter, Fatima Zara has taken to the social media to blast those criticizing her for refusing to join the #EndSARS campaign against police brutality.

Zara in a post on her Instagram account schooled those bullying her for not lending her voice to the protest, said most of them think with their asses. Not leaving her friend out of the insult, Zara said those who wants to be stupid can be on their own but warned them never to involve her in their stupidity.

Naija News understands that Zara said this while reacting to a friend of hers who asked her why she had refused to use her voice or that of the father to speak up to what is currently happening in the country.

The friend who is identified with the Instagram username as [@gaabbbiii_] asked, “Hi, hope you’re fine? I wanted to ask a question. Do you mind telling me why you haven’t used your voice or your father’s voice regarding what is going on in your country? Or are you not educated enough on it?”

Replying her, Zara said, “Lol I’m very much educated about it. Kindly dm him and ask him. As for me, I’m doing what I can do. I don’t have to be on socials to have a voice. Just use your voice and do you. I’m doing mine from my end and I’m not posting for personal mental reasons thank your very much for asking. Have a good day x.”

[@gaabbbiii_] responded back saying, “I understand that but right now, it’s not about doing things behind the scenes. We are trying to be noticed so things can be fixed. Everyone’s mental health is fucked up now because of this and other things. It isn’t about asking him, lol you’re fortunate enough to live your best life, on top other people;s money But sore soke, werey dey disguise. Have a good day though.”

The argument, however, became hot as Zara warned her critics not to spread their negative energy on her as she’s fighting her own “personal battles”.

She wrote, “Nope! Not today! I ma not the one! Not at all. Some of you think with your asses! Please if you want to be stupid, be stupid on your own! Dont try to spread your negative energy on me! I ‘m really not the one you want to pick on.”

The UK University gradaute said no one should take to the social media to educate her on the campaign as she has already posted about the protests and have been raising a voice “behind  closed doors”.

She said, “Do not message me fighting me for not posting the protest. I did, and I dont have to be post to spread awreness or to be concered. If you have an official question to ask my father about the protest kindly dm him but I m not the one you want to drag!! Trust me! I have zero tolerance to people’s foolishness right now!”

“I have been seeing so many of you preaching unity but instead you are out here tryings to bully me. So I m not posting. Some of us are fighting their own personal battles! And you guys have no idea on how I m raising a voice behind closed doors, so dont come on her and try to rub off negative vibes. Have a good day.”

Again she condemned her friend who she has known since 2008 for taking a dig at her. She said, “That is why I keep my circle very small!” Zara wrote. “But people must took for you and force some sort of drama. I ma not about to let anyone add to my lemons I m already trying to squeeze! Your friends are not really your friends! Be careful guys.”

Source: Naija News

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