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Hisbah Police Has Become A Threat To Kano Residents, Disband Them – HURIWA




Miyetti Allah Tackles Ganduje Over Planned Relocation Of Herdsmen

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State has been warned to disestablish the state Islamic shariah police popularly known as Hisbah over the alleged unlawful arrest of citizens and disruption of social and economic activities.

The call was made by the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria in a statement which addressed and as well accused the governor of Talibanizing the state using the religious security group.

According to HURIWA, the death sentence issued on an upcoming singer, Yahaya Sharif-Aminu who was charged with blasphemy by the Upper Sharia Court, and other similar cases are testaments of how the State has recently turned into a Taliban State.

The group noted that the Shariah police system offends the Constitution of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria and called for an end to its operation. HURIWA further accused Governor Ganduje of carrying out the blueprints of the Organization Of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

HURIWA noted that contrary to the provisions of the Constitution, in most states of Northern Nigeria, there exists one form of religious security apparatus or the other under different names with uniformity of functions and operations of Hisbah.

According to the rights group, Hisbah Police in Kano State, backed by the State Hisbah Corps-Law of 2003, “which functions principally to enforce Islamic sharia by ‘enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong on every Muslim’, is reasoned as not an establishment of an Act of the National Assembly as provided for by our constitution.”

HURIWA condemned activities of the Shariah police which includes effecting arrest in crudest fashion and sometimes disruption of social and economic activities despite not been empowered to do so.

“More worrisome is they often invade people’s privacies or premises without warrant or legal authority. They also carry out raids of vessels or vehicles or premises believed to be harbours of or used in delivery of alcohol, seize and destroy the products,” HURIWA pointed.

The rights group disclosed that despite the argument that the Hisbah Police do not bear arms, “they have in actual fact been found with arms and have thereby become a threat to lives of residents, especially to the non-indigenous residents of or visitors to the state.”

HURIWA, thereby demanded for the immediate disbandment of Hisbah Police since it is not an establishment of an Act of the National Assembly.

The group said, “So, we are by this statement urging the Nigerian government to disband the illegal HISBAH POLICE with immediate effect,”

“There seems to be no disparity between what Gov. Ganduje is doing in Kano State and what Boko Haram Terrorists have been preaching,” HURIWA reiterated.

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