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Why Oshiomhole Gave Out N1billion Each To Some States – Wambai



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Ahmed Wambai, the immediate past national vice-chairman (north-central) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has revealed all efforts made by  Adams Oshiomhole, suspended chairman of the party to better the party.

Speaking in an interview with The Sun, Wambai alleged that Oshiomhole gave N1 billion to any state they desired to win.

He further described Oshiomhole as a leader who desired the best for his party, however some APC governors planned and perfected their plans to frustrate him out of the office.

Wambai also noted that  Oshiomhole as chairman did not collect money from governors while he was still at the helm of affairs, adding that he rather helped the party to generate its own income.

In the history of political parties, Oshiomhole remains the only chairman that governors did not contribute money to the party purse under him. No governor contributed to the running of the party under Oshiomhole. We did that so that the party could be independent,” he said.

We never go cap in hand to any ministry for contract or patronages for the survival of the party. Oshiomhole was the only person that gave N20 million and N10 million contributions to all the senators and house of representatives candidates during the election.

Wambai said any state desired to be won by the former party chairman, he gave N1 billion each.

He listed some of the states to include Imo, Kwara, Gombe and Zamfara to which he gave N1 billion each, Benue, about N700 million.

Wambai noted that everything was done from the purse of the party, adding that ” In the history of political parties, no one has done that”

Wambai said the source of the money, was through the sale of the party’s nomination forms, adding that they deliberately raised the price of governorship nomination form to N22 million to reduce controversy, conflict and unnecessary competition.

We wanted to stop some unserious persons from picking the form. We even refunded the money of those that lost the primaries. Oshiomhole has never been dictated to by Mr President, the governors or the Ministers. That is the ideal way a party should run as enshrined in the constitution of the party.”

Wambai gave reasons some APC governors are against the suspended chairman to be because of their ambition for the 2023 election, adding that a number of them are nursing ambition to run for president.

He said it was because of their ambition that they deceived President Muhammadu Buhari about Oshiomhole.

On several instances, they had wanted the Oshiomhole-led NWC to be dissolved but Mr President refused. But they used everything at their disposal in their desperation to sack us. We have left the party, let them run it, let them produce the president in 2023,” he said.

He added that there would be problems if these same people come against Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the party, rumoured to be planning to contest for president.


Source: Naija News