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How Woman Hired Thugs To Beat Rival To Death Over Man



A Zimbabwean woman who hired thugs to beat up another woman, over a man is now facing murder charges.

Rebecca Masawi and the thugs she hired; Zvikomborero Zvikoni, Liberty Guruve and Tendai Dhai are now facing murder, kidnapping and robbery charges following the death of one of the women they assaulted.

The court document revealed that Masawi was angered by the fact that two other women had interests in a man she was interested in, and she came up with a plan to go after them.

The two victims were however not named in the court papers.

Masawi and the thugs reportedly went to victims’ homes after midnight on July 31, 2020, using a vehicle without number plates.

The thugs pretended to be police officers banged the door.

When the victims opened the door, they were bundled and frog marched into the vehicle.

It was learnt that the thugs also ransacked the homes and stole some of the belongings.

After getting the two victims into their car, the bogus police officers drove them to Lake Chivero where they proceeded to assault them viciously. They were beaten mercilessly and left with broken legs.

The two victims were later rescued by passers-by who saw them and promptly called the police. The police took the two terrified women to the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals before they were referred to Chitungwiza General Hospital where one of them was operated on and discharged on August 3, 2020. Unfortunately despite the surgery, she later passed on due to the injuries sustained during the brutal attack.

After a month of investigation, police discovered that the dead woman’s phone was being used by Zvikoni.

He was arrested on September 26 and after questioning, he implicated Guruve and Dhai in the crime.

Then, he went on to reveal that they were hired by Rebecca Masawi.

Rebecca Masawi appeared before Harare magistrate, Mrs Barbra Mateko on Monday September 28 to face the charges levelled against her.


Source: Naija News

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