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‘US Not Yet A Fully Developed Nation’ – President Trump



President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has stated that the US is yet to be a fully developed country as pictured by many nations.

According to Trump while speaking at a press conference on Monday, September 7, outside the White House, the US as far as he is concerned is still a developing nation and not already a developed one.

Naija News understands that the press conference held yesterday coincided with the US Labour Day celebration.

Trump noted that the World Trade Organisation (WTO) treats the U.S “as a nation that is fully developed” and China as a developing nation.

President Trump again condemned the U.S-China trade agreement signed by the Barack Obama administration under WTO conventions, describing it as one of the most disastrous trade deals in history.

He stated, “We aren’t fully developed, as far as I’m concerned. China did not play by the rules. One of the reasons WTO is so bad is because China did not play by the rules.”

“We did, but their rules were easier because they are considered a developing nation. So, their standards are much lower, but even at that, they did not play by the rules.”

The US president again said, “But China was taking our money to build their military. You see, they’re building a very powerful military.

“We are lucky I’m building ours, otherwise we would be dwarfed right now by China.”

Meanwhile, US political couple Hillary and Bill Clinton have advised Joe Biden not to concede if he loses the 2020 presidential election, to US President Donald Trump, saying he (Trump) try not to leave the White House if he is undefeated by Biden in the November 2020 elections.