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Halima Abubakar Wants Penis Of Rapists Cut Off As Punishment



Nollywood actress and producer, Halima Abubakar has suggested that as punishments, all rapists should be castrated.

She stated this on Wednesday in a post on her Twitter account where she lamented the spate on rape cases in the country and called on everyone to rise up to fight against the scourge.

According to the mother of one, rape is evil, but unfortunately, it is on the increase in the society and there is the need to protect innocent people from those who perpetrate the evil.

She wrote:

The more we fight against rape and injustice is the more this evil act is on the rise.

Protect your environment

Protect other people’s kids

Don’t say what’s my own

So many love to say that
Cut the penis off. Rapist are menace
to society.#saynotorape#humanityfirst”

Source: Naija News

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