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US Presidency: Clinton Tells Biden How To Defeat Trump



Donald Trump Surrenders, Recognises Joe Biden As The Incoming President Of The United States

Hillary Clinton has taken to advising Joe Biden, US presidential candidate, ahead of the November battle for the White House between him and   President Donald Trump.

Speaking on MSNBC, Clinton said Trump’s irregularity as a candidate will make Biden have to navigate new waters.

She further urged Biden to be ready to debunk misinformation, adding that Biden will have to continue to stick to his message without getting thrown off by the president.

She also advised Biden to be ready as Trump will give him an unlikely and highly unusual debate experience.

There was a lot to learn and it was a new experience for all of us,” Clinton said.

There was so much going on under the surface on social media, and I don’t think we did a good enough job being aware of and understanding the impact that such assertions and falsehoods could have.”

She continued: “Try to get your message beyond the sort of reality show environment that [Trump] is trying to create so that the American people have an idea about why they would vote for you, not just against Donald Trump.”

Clinton also said she is ready to help Biden and Kamala Harris, his running mate, through the election.



Source: Naija News