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‘Dead’ Woman Wakes Up, Attempts To Leave Mortuary




An elderly woman who was pronounced dead after a surgery she went through to remove an intestinal obstruction was unsuccessful, has come back to life after a night in a hospital morgue in Russia.

Zinaida Kononova, 81, was pronounced dead and her family informed and began planning her funeral. She was taken to the morgue in Gorshechensky central district hospital at 1:10am on 14 August.

Seven hours later, a female morgue worker was shocked to see the woman sprawled on the floor, after she fell while trying to climb off the morgue table and escape.


An ambulance driver overheard the commotion as he entered the building, and says the “frightened” morgue worker was saying “Grandma, lie down, granny, be quiet.”

He said he thought she had gone “crazy” and was talking to the dead, but then he saw how the pensioner grabbed the woman’s hand pleading for help.

Zinaida was covered in blankets and rushed to intensive care.


Zinaida’s Neice, Tatiana

Her niece, Tatiana was then called upon by a senior doctor who said “We have an unusual situation. She is alive!”

She rushed to the hospital as a team of medics from regional capital Kursk were sent to treat Zinaida. Tatiana was delighted her aunt was alive, but asked the doctors: “How could this happen?”


She was told Zinaida had been registered as clinically dead for 15 minutes — and was “literally pulled back from the other world”.

She initially did not recognise me or recall that she had a surgery,” Tatiana said. “But she talked about her old knee problem.”

She added that Zinaida later came back to her senses

A doctor and anaesthetist later confessed to the family that they had sent Zinaida to the morgue one hour and 20 minutes after she died, instead of two hours as rules dictate.

The Morgue

Acting hospital head Alexander Vlasov said: “For 30 minutes the patient underwent resuscitation measures” but didn’t respond.

The elderly pensioner who came back to life has been transferred to Kursk for further treatment.

Roman Kondratenko, chief doctor of Gorshechensky central district hospital, has been suspended pending an investigation. Relatives are planning to sue the hospital, according to reports.


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