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If You Propose To A Woman Without A Job You Are An Idiot – Reno Omokiri



Omokri reacts to Trump's acquittal

Former Presidential media aide,Reno Omokri, has dropped another nugget for his fans and followers on social media.

The former presidential aide advised men to get a life and not a wife.

According to him, it’s idiotic and not romantic for a jobless man to propose to a lady. He says men should chase success, and that when they eventually catch success, the girls will start chasing them.

“Dear men,

You have no job or business, yet you kneel down to propose to a lady? That is not romantic. That is idiotic. The only proposal you should be making in your state are business proposals, not marriage proposals. Get a life, not a wife! Chase success. Be so focused on it that you have no time to chase women. Endure it when broke guys say you are not a ‘sharp’ guy. When you eventually catch success, the girls your broke friends are chasing will start chasing you!” he wrote.

here is reno post below

Source: Naija News