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Man Mistakenly Kills Lady Put Under His Care During Sex



A UK man who was accused of molesting and murdering his friend, after he was told to walk her home for safety has confessed that he accidentally killed her while they were having sex.

Wesley Streete, 20, also confessed to have put the body of Keeley Bunker in a stream and covered it with branches in the early hours of September 19 last year, after the night out.

It was learnt that Ms. Bunker had been to a concert in Birmingham to see rapper Aitch with a friend and had arranged to go clubbing afterward with Mr. Streete.

He body was later discovered with the help of her Uncle, who was part of a search party looking for the missing 20-year-old, in Wigginton Park in Tamworth, Staffordshire, around 23km northeast of Birmingham.

During his trial, Mr. Streete denied deliberately killing Ms. Bunker.

He claimed that he lied to the victim’s family, friends, and the police because he was “scared” and “embarrassed”.

The 20-year-old gave his account of what happened as he was taken through the allegations by his barrister, Rachel Brand QC, at Stafford Crown Court on Tuesday.

After he was asked how she died, Mr. Streete was seen to take a deep breath, replying: “I put my arms around her neck and accidentally killed her.”

We were having  s.e.x,” he added.

“I didn’t know how to act and explain to other people how she died because I felt embarrassed in myself and very scared to explain to police – everyone.

“My mum and dad – everyone.”


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