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Man Accidentally Kills Lover During Sex




British man , Wesley Streete who allegedly raped his girlfriend to  death has given more detail on how he mistaken killed her while having sex.

Giving evidence in his defence for the first time today, Streete outlined what he claims happened before her death.He told the jury that He , was “trusted” to walk Keeley Bunker home to safety when they arranged to go clubbing.

He claims that they started “flirting” with one another and kissed before having sex in Wigginton Park.

“I had my arms around her neck and accidentally killed her,” he revealed.

He admitted lying to the victim’s family, friends and the police about what happened because he was “embarrassed” about the incident.

“I was scared and didn’t know how to tell people how she died. I was scared to explain to the police, everyone, and mum and dad,” he said.

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