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Tonto Dikeh Warns Women Against Using Kayanmata To Tie Men Down



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Nollywood star actress, Tonto Dikeh has sent out a strong warning to women who believe herbal aphrodisiacs popularly known as Kayanmata, possess supernatural powers that can help them keep their men.

Taking to her Instagram page on Friday where she wrote a lengthy note on the matter, Dikeh warned that though the Kayanmata drugs can enhance the sexual performance of some people, many ladies now believe it also has voodoo powers to make men do as they want.

The actress also had some words of caution for some of the sellers who give fake social media impressions to convince customers and the general public that the drugs work or that they make lots of money from the sale of the products.

Dikeh who pointed out that she has no personal grievances with the sellers and users of the drugs, admitted that she once used her platform to advertise the Kayanmata drugs, but she now knows better and feels everyone should be better educated too.

She wrote:

Awwww So many K.sellers in my dm,
No No No No No I’m not even trying to ruin your businesses….
first of all, your Oga madam is my friend.
I love her and trust me I love her work ethics and her hardworking nature.
Do I believe in what she sells NO.
Do I believe in what any of you sells NO
Do I Believe in traditionally herbal aphrodisiac, Yes i believe some natural herbs can enhance better sex but no I don’t believe in the other part of this work that looks or feel like jazz
You see it’s wrong to assume every thing that glitters is gold, I have heard of K.sellers renting Dollars from banks, Aboki(Mallam) just to create an Illussion to draw the public’s attention into assuming the money was made using their products…
personally I think that genius..
An extremely smart move..
I call that Aggressive publicity(Same thing with a slim girl advertising for fat burner products OR oyibo advertising bleaching Creme(im on this Creme table thou, man most eat ????)
That’s a Very good Marketing strategy But these young girls of today May not know this and they become LAZY.

I respect everyone of you who is a seller but allow me Educate these young girls who SOLELY depend on you to make it!!
All I am saying is there is MORE TO LIFE THAN 24/7 plotting to Hook a man as suppose we just WORKHARD..

Shoutout to every hard working Woman out there..
Let’s keep Learning!!

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