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Where Hushpuppi ‘Learns’, Meet 19-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Opening Fake Bank Branch In His House



Police in India have arrested Tamil Nadu Panruti, a 19-year-old boy and his colleagues, for allegedly opening a branch of the State Bank of India.

Reports reaching us claim that the boy is the son of a former bank manager, and had tried several attempt to secure a job for himself in the bank, after the death of his father in 2007,  but all prove abortive because he was a minor.

He was said to have forwarded another email once again to the bank when he turned 18, but received no response.

Tamil then set out to fulfil his dream of working in a bank, when he turned 19.

With the help of some men, he set up a fake State Bank of India (SBI) branch at his house

The three men arrested by the police have been identified as Kamal Babu (19), Manickam (52) who made fake seals, and Kumar (42), who printed the challans.

His scam became known, after a complaint was lodged by SBI Panruti branch manager Venkatesan, that a fake ‘North Bazaar branch of the SBI’ was functioning.

Following the complaint, the police investigated the matter and found that a duplicate branch was set up by the boy which exactly looking like a normal SBI branch.

He even calmly told us that he awaited approval from Mumbai to open the (SBI) branch and that he was about to put up a signboard,” the police said while adding that the 19-year-old man had tried unsuccessfully to get employment on compassionate grounds in the SBI following the death of his father in harness.

On being asked if they had cheated people by accepting deposits or facilitating loans inspector K Ambethkar told PTI that they have not received any complaints till now.

Investigation has revealed that the man was “very knowledgeable” about the working of a bank considering his family background.

But his mother and a relative who’s living with them did not know about Kamal’s plan.

On the suspected motive, the police said that several of Kamal’s replies were incomprehensible, childish, and strange notwithstanding his excellent understanding of the banking processes.

The spate of fraudulent activities around the world has suddenly increased in recent times

About a month ago, Hushpuppi, a Dubai based Nigerian big boy has been reportedly arrested for an alleged $35 million by Interpol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Hushpuppi was arrested alongside his close friend and alleged accomplice, Woodberry from their palatial home in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to reports, Hushpuppi and Mr Woodbery’s arrest was as a result of months of investigation by the FBI following a fraudulent deal that involved Hushpuppi and his crew. The caption of the video, says Hushpuppi and his crew collected the sum of $35 million for Coronavirus (COVID-19) ventilator

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