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COVID-19: Patients Without Symptoms Are Spreading The Virus Faster – Researchers



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Researchers in the US And Canada have noted that asymptomatic people may account for more than half of the COVID-19 cases diagnosed globally.

In a research, published by the journal PNAS, medical experts leveraged on data obtained from cases of the virus that resulted from both asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmissions.

The study revealed that nothing less that 50 percent o the infections recorded did not show any symptoms.

Naija News understands that a person who is asymptomatic has the infection but shows no symptoms and will not show any symptoms later, but if a person is pre-symptomatic, the person has the virus without symptoms but would develop them later.

Another study which was published in Taiwan showed that 40 percent of the positive patients did not show any symptoms.

In the verdict, which they claimed could have real-world implications for leaders fighting the virus, the experts said mass testing, isolating infected people, and lockdowns limited COVID-19 spread.

According to the PNAS study, understanding how silent infections that are in the presymptomatic or asymptomatic phase contribute to transmission is fundamental to post-lockdown strategies.

Even if all symptomatic cases are isolated, a vast outbreak may nonetheless unfold,” the reasearchers added.

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