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Family Reveals Cause Of Death Of Lady Who Died At Her Own Birthday Party



Family sources have confirmed that Deborah Tushima, the lady who died during her own birthday party did not die because of iPhone 11.

It will be recalled the late Tushima, a makeup artist, allegedly slumped and died during her own birthday party on July 4, with rumours spreading that she was killed over disagreements and food poisoning relating to a phone.

However, family sources have disclosed that her sudden death has nothing to do with a phone or food poisoning, noting that the young lady simply slumped and died.

The source further disclosed it is not the first time Deborah will be fainting, but unfortunately, the one that happened on her birthday, resulted in her death.

The family member said: “Later on we discovered that she has a heart problem that makes her faint, and she has been fainting for some time but neither mum nor dad knew about that.”

She also died in Makurdi, where she was doing her IT, not in Jos as claimed, the source added.

Source: Naija News

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