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Politicians Trying To Sabotage Scheme Capable Of Creating 774,000 Jobs – Keyamo Alleges

The SAN accused some state chairmen (names withheld) of harassing him over the public works programme, noting that he will not succumb to any form of blackmail from them.



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The Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, has cautioned some political leaders against compromising the objective of an initiative aimed at creating no less than 774,000 jobs in the country.

The Senior Advocate accused some state chairmen (names withheld) of harassing him over the public works programme, noting that he will not succumb to any form of blackmail from them.

Keyamo while speaking on the job creation in Abuja yesterday, vowed to drive the initiative to a victorious end.

Addressing state selection committees of the initiative during inauguration a few moments ago, the minister warned the state chairmen against sabotaging the programme which promised to give job opportunity citizens. According to him, any chairman who refused to adhere strictly to guidelines made available for the process would be immediately eliminated.

“There have been attempts at blackmailing me in this particular programme too to make us also yield to political leaders and we have said no – not while I am here,” said Keyamo.

The minister added, “I have a pedigree; I have a background; I know where I am coming from. Before I came into public office, I have a pedigree and what I stand for.

“Except Mr President, who appointed me stops me, and who gave me the opportunity and rare privilege to drive this programme, except he stops me, no other political leader or person can stop me. I am answerable only to Mr President.”

Keyamo further alleged that some persons have in the past handed such initiative to political leaders as a form of patronage. He assures that the scheme was created for all Nigerians, structured to be bipartisan so that every Nigerian can access it, irrespective of political leanings.

“Before coming here today, there has been an attempt by certain political leaders to say I must come and see them behind the scene first to determine who gets what and how, and I said no. I am ready at any time for a public debate on this with them,” the Minister added.

“I think the chairmen can stand on their own; don’t go and hold meetings in the house of politicians to select; hold your meetings in NDE offices. Don’t go and meet in any government house to hold any meeting, don’t go to any politicians’ house to do selections.”

Naija News learnt that the said scheme will span through October and December 2023 and would be supervised by Keyamo’s ministry through the National Directorate of Employment.

According to the minister, each applicant of the scheme would be given N20,000 and a total of N60,000 for the three months.

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday approved the appointment of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Aliyu Abubakar Musa, as his Chief Personal Security Officer (CPSO), Naija News reports.

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