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Black Lives Matter: 100 Inventions Made By Blacks Persons



As someone said, “No race has the monopoly of beauty and intelligence.” Great scholars like Aristotle, had formally emphasized that Egypt is the cradle of Mathematics, he as a specialist in metaphysics, had specified that the Egyptians were excessively black in skin, speaking of their physiognomy. Everyone from the West came to learn in ancient Egypt.

The Greek scientist Herodotus, an eyewitness, attests that “the ancient Egyptians have black skin and frizzy hair.

Modern history must restore certain truths. Do you know that the greatest musician of all time, according to the West, is Beethoven? However, the latter is a descendant of black Africa. But, this same West wanted by all means to whitewash it. Why? The contribution of the black world to modern science and technology deserves to be highlighted.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of inventions made by men and women of the black diaspora, who have changed the world and will remain essential.

1. THE ELECTRIC LAMP: invented on 13.09.1881 by Joseph V. Nichols and Lewis H. Latimer.
2. THE PARABOLIC ANTENNA: invented on June 07, 1887 by Granville T. Woods
3. IMPROVED SUGAR PRODUCTION: invented on December 10 by Norbert Rilleux
4. THE NEEDLE OF TRAINS: invented on October 31, 1899, by William F. Burr
5 THE POTATO EXCAVATOR: invented on April 23, 1895, by FJ Wood
6. CAPSULES OF BOTTLES AND JARS: invented on September
13, 1897 7. CAN (JERRICANE): invented on February 17, 1891 by Albert C. Richardson
8. PANEL BED PROTECTION: invented August 13, 1895 by Lewis A. Russel

9. COMBUSTION ENGINE: invented on July 05, 1892 by Andrew J. Beard
10. GAS MASK: invented on October 13, 1914 by Garett A. Morgan
11. FIRE FIGHTING MOUTH: invented on May 07, 1878 by Joseph R. Winters
12 THE SWING CHAIR: invented on November 15, 1881 by Payton Johnson
13. METAL FRAME (BY CAR): invented on February 02, 1892 by Carter William
14. STEAM COOKER: invented on October 26, 1897 by Carter William
15. LENSES EYE PROTECTION: invented November 02, 1880 by Powell Johnson
16. THE ELEVATOR: invented October 11, 1867 by Alexander Miles
17. THE PENCIL SIZE: invented October 11, 1867 by John L. Loove

18. DEVICES FOR COUPLING TRAIN CARS: invented on 10.10.1899 by Andrew J. Beard
19. MANEGES FOR ENTERTAINMENT: invented on December 19, 1899 by Granville T. Woods
20. THE LOCOMOTIVE CHIMNEY: improved on May 23, 1871 by Landron Bell
21. THE LANTERN OR THE STORM LAMP: invented on August 19, 1884 by Michael C. Hamey
22. THE MECHANICAL PIANO: invented on June 11, 1912 by Joseph H. Dickinson
23. THE WAGON-BED LAYOUT: invented on 08 October 1870 by John W. West
24. THE PORTABLE BALANCE: invented on November 03, 1896 by John W. Hunter
25. THE TOILETS: invented on December 19, 1889 by Jérome B. Rhodes

26. THE STAMP AND THE BUFFER: invented on February 27, 1883 by William B. Purvis
27. THE REFRIGERATOR (FRIGO): invented on July 14, 1891 by John Stenard
28. THE SWITCH (THE SWITCH): invented on January 1, 1889 Granville T. Woods
29. THE PHOTOGRAPHIC DEVELOPER: invented on April 23, 1895 by Clatonia Joaquin Dorticus
30. THE GALOCHE (SHOE COVERS): invented on February 08, 1898 by Alvin L. Rickman
31. THE COMPOSING MACHINE: invented on June 22, 1897 by William Barry
32. LA FONDEUSE-MOULEUSE: invented on March 14, 1876 by David A. Fisher
33. LE BALAI-LAVEUR: invented June 13, 1893 by Thomas W. Steward
34. THE WRITING MACHINE: invented April 07, 1885 by Lee S. Burridge and Newman R. Mashman
35. THE DOCUMENT PROTECTOR (papers): invented on November 02, 1886 by Henry Brown
36. THE RECORDER HANDLE: invented on January 08, 1918 by Joseph Hunter Dickinson
37. THE TRAIN ALARM SYSTEM: invented June 15, 1897 by Richard A. Butler
38. THE TERRINE or THE ICE MOLD: invented on February 02, 1897 by Alfred L. Cralle
39. THE DRYER: invented June 07, 1892 by George T. Sampson
40. PAINTING AND DYES: invented on June 14, 1927 by George Washington Carver
41. CAR BRAKES: invented on August 06, 1872 by John V. Smith
42. THE PETRITING MACHINE: invented on August 07 by Joseph H. Dickinson
43. THE ROPE MACHINE: invented March 20, 1884 by Jan E. Matzeliger
44. THE FEATHER PEN TO BE TANK: invented on January 07, 1890 by William B. Purvis
45. THE TUNEL FOR ELECTRIC TRAIN: invented on July 17, 1888 by Granville T. Woods
46. ​​THE SIGNAL LIGHT (red light): invented on 20 November 1923 by Garett A. Morgan
47. THE GUITAR: invented on March 30, 1886 by Robert F. Flemmings Jr
48. THE LETTER BOX: invented on October 27, 1891 by Philip B. Downing
49. THE HAIR COMB: invented on 21 December 1920 by Walter H. Sammons
50. THE ELECTRIC TROLLEY ON RAIL: invented on September 19, 1893 by Elbert R. Robinson

51. MECHANICAL COOKIE CUTTERS: invented on November 30 by Alexander Ashbourne

52. THE EGG BEATER WHIP: invented on February 05, 1884 by Willis Johnson

53. THE IRONING TABLE: invented in 1892 by Sarah Boone

54. PRESS RELEASES (printing): invented on September 17, 1878 by WA Lavalette

55. THE ELEVATOR SAFETY SYSTEM: invented on April 2, 1895 by James Cooper
56. THE STREET SWEEPER: invented on March 17, 1890 by Charles B. Brooks
57. THE BICYCLE CARRIER : invented on December 26, 1899 by Jerry M. Certain
58. TELEPHONE SYSTEMS AND APPARATUS: invented 11.10.1887 by Granville T. Woods
59. LAWN MOWER: invented May 09, 1899 by John Albert Burr
60. AUTOMATIC SPEEDS (vehicles): invented on December 06, 1932 by Richard B. Spikes
61. THE BINS (garbage bin): invented on August 03, 1897 by Lloyd P. Ray
62. THE CITRUS PRESS: invented on December 08, 1896 by John T. White
63. SAFETY DOORS (for weighbridges): invented on October 07, 1890 by Humphrey Reynolds
64. THE THERMOSTAT: invented on March 06, 1928 by David N. Crosthwait Jr
65. THE FRAME OF THE BIKE: invented on October 10, 1899 Isaac R. Johnson
66. THE HORSESHOE: invented August 23, 1892 by Oscar E. Brown
67. THE LANDAU (stroller): invented June 18, 1889 by William H. Richardson
68. THE AUTOMATIC RAT TRAP: invented 31 August 1881 by Williaù S. Campbell
69. THE COMBINE HARVESTER: invented August 07 by Robert P. Scott
70. THE HORSE SADDLE: invented by William D. Davis
71. THE HORSE BIT: invented October 25, 1892 by Lincoln F. Brown
72. THE SABOT COVER (for horses): invented on April 19, 1892 by Robert Coates
73. THE GOLF CROSSE: invented on December 12 by George F. Grant
74. THE AIR CONDITIONING (split): invented on July 12, 1949 by Frederck M. Jones
75. THE RIFLE TRIGGER (the detonator): invented May 03, 1897 by Edward R. Lewis

76. AUTOMATIC FISHING APPARATUS: invented on May 30 by George Cook

77. THE LAWN WATERING CAN: invented on May 4, 1897 by Joseph H. Smith

78. THE TELEGRAPH OF THE RAILWAYS: invented August 28, 1888 by Granville T. Woods

79. DEVICES FOR TRANSMITTING messages via electricity: invented on April 7, 1885 by Granville T. Woods

80. THE DEVICE FOR TRANSFERRING postal mail: invented on May 24, 1917 by JC Jones

81. FIRE EXTINGUISHER: invented on March 26, 1872 by Thomas J. Martain

82. THE FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION DEVICE: invented on October 10, 1899 by John W. Butts

83. THE FOLDING BED: invented on July 18, 1899 by LC Bailey

84. THE CURTAIN TRINGLES: invented August 04, 1896 by WS Grant

85. THE CONVERTIBLE SOFA BED: invented on October 05, 1897 by JH Evans

86. ELECTRIC WINDOW WASHER: invented September 27, 1882 by AL Lewis

87. THE HARVESTER: invented June 03, 1890 by HL Jones

88. THE AIRSHIP: invented on February 20, 1900 by JF Pickering

89. THE COTTON PICKER: invented June 05, 1894 by Georges W. Murray

90. ENGINE LUBRICANTS: invented on November 15, 1898 by Elijah Mc Coy

91. THE STEAM LUBRICATION MACHINE: invented on July 04, 1876 by Elijah Mc Coy

92. MAGNETIC TAPE OF COMPUTERS: invented on August 24, 1971 by Larry T. Preston

93. THE CONTROL PEDAL: invented on October 05, 1886 by Minnis Hadden

94. RADAR DETECTION ANTENNA: invented June 11, 1968 by James E. Lewis

95. SUPERCHARGER FOR COMBUSTION ENGINE: invented on February 03, 1976 by Joseph A. Gamell

96. Automation of loading and unloading of postal mail: invented on 13.02.1945 by Gus Burton

97. LIFTING EQUIPMENT and LOADER: invented on May 02 by Mary Jane Reynolds

98. THE GAMMA ELECTRIC CELL: invented on June 06, 1971 by Henry T. Sampson

99. THE REFRIGERATION SYSTEM (FRIGO and FREEZER): invented on November 04, 1879 by Thomas Elkins

100. SIGNALING (airport beacons, cranes, buildings, etc.): invented on March 30, 1937 by Lewis Chubb