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June 12: You Are A Bastard, Nigerians Attack Abiola’s Son Jamiu




Nigerians have come hard against Jamiu Abiola the son of Moshood Kashimawo Abiola for saying that President Muhammadu Buhari has the same objective as his father.

In a democracy day interview, he said: “My father and this president primarily have the same objective”. The statement did not go down well with most Nigerians who feel president Muhammadu Buhari has been a failure.

This statement comes at a time when Nigerians are venting their anger angrily against president Buhari, the hashtag #BUHARIHasFailed has been trending on social media since daybreak.

Some Nigerians described him as a bastard with insinuations that he might not be Abiola’s biological son. Below are some reactions:

@SelimoreI: “Who is this one, DNA please”

@dammywhyne: “Omo ale ni e….”

@Ayanfeade3: “DNA needed here”

@xris946: “Is this one Abiola’s son? ??????

Other Nigerians felt he is a sellout and he has betrayed his father;

“Your father’s ghost will hunt you, because of money, you betrayed your late father. Ode” @Ucheclive tweeted.

@BrotherE13: He is definitely out of cash, he needs a political appointment. This is why Nigeria can never get better, we are all hypocrite just for money sake. He just wants to profit from his fathers’ death upon all millions that are suffering now in this country.

Collins Ohiri: “Hunger has made this one flip. Even your dad a great man will be disappointed at you”

Some other Nigerians who expressed their anger on Twitter said if Jamiu’s words were true, it was all thanks to God his father never ruled the country.

@Alex4587331: “Nigeria dodged a bullet to get hit later by Buhari…

@Angelsgo2, “Thank God your father never became president.”

@Nj99625368, “If the agenda your father had was to make Nigeria insecure for its citizens, then no wonder Babangida did not allow him to have a taste of his triumph. We must be wasting our time trying to remember him today then.”
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