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COVID-19: UK Bans Sex Between People Living In Different Households

The UK government has rolled out new COVID-19 lockdown rules for indoor activities among residents, most especially that which may involve people leaving their house.



The United Kingdom has rolled out a new policy to curb the spread of Coronavirus pandemic among its citizens.

The UK government on Monday, June 1 announced new COVID-19 lockdown rules for indoor activities among residents, most especially that which may involve people leaving outside their house, Naija News understands.

The new social distancing rules introduced by the UK government involved banning of sexual intercourse between people living in different households, among others.

The new COVID-19 lockdown indoor rule reads: “Groups of up to six people from a different household are not allowed to meet socially outdoors or to play certain sports.”

“This includes going to your friend’s gardens, back yards and terraces. All the people involved must stay two metres away from each other if they do not live together.”

“Barbecues and picnics are allowed but you must bring your own chairs, cutlery and condiments.

“You can pass through the house to get to the garden or to use the toilet. If you do not have a garden you can travel to an open space like a park or a beach that is open.”

“You can play sports like golf and tennis that can accommodate social distancing. What you can’t do: No gatherings of more than six people unless they live together.”

“No sex with someone from another house, No paddling pools. No visiting friends and families inside their homes. No using an outdoor gym or playground.”

“No staying overnight away from your own home, except for in a limited set of circumstances, such as for work purposes. Teams sports are banned apart from training, which must be in groups of six or fewer with social distancing.”

According to the new rules by the UK government, any group of persons found roaming together from different abode will be prosecuted except for reasonable reasons, which will ensure that their meeting is privately indoors, except for sex.

Parts of the reasons by which a person could be allowed outside his household include jogging or exercising for elite athletes, movement of vulnerable people and key or essential workers.

Meanwhile, the UK has been labelled as the second-highest with the COVID-19 death toll in the world, Naija News reports.

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