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Sabbath Church Denies Connection With Woman Caught In Anambra Shrine


About a week after residents in Agulu, a community in Anambra State burnt down a worship centre presided over by a woman, the ministry whose name was linked with the centre had come out boldly to distance itself with the centre.

Naija News reports a few days ago that a woman escaped arrest after fetish objects were discovered at her worship centre which was said to be a Sabbath Church.

However, the spokesperson of the United Voice of Sabbath Churches of Nigeria, Reverend Arinze Chukwuka, has revealed that the ministry has no relationship of any kind with the arrested woman who has been parading herself in the community as a woman of God.

According to Arinze, the ministry had categorically stated that they have no connection with the shrine, adding that its leaders have interviewed the woman and she has confessed to being a traditionalist and not a pastor as claimed.

Given update on the connection with the Sabbath Church and the Shrine, Arinze stated; “The general public should stop linking the woman with Sabbath worship because she has no identity as a Sabbath observer nor operate a Sabbath Church.”

“I led a team of the clergy assigned to investigate the incident following a barrage of publications in social media and local radio stations but after interrogating her, she confessed she is a traditionalist, not a Sabbatharian priest.”

“The members of the public are warned that Sabbath Churches are Sabbath observers who believe in the Ten Commandments of God and everybody who reads the Bible knows that the first of the Commandments is that people should not worship other gods in any form like wooden images.

“The woman couldn’t have been a Sabbath observer because she believes and worships wooden images as seen in her house.”

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Meanwhile, Naija News had reported earlier that a middle-aged Nigerian man has set the Holy Bible and Holy Quran on fire with claims that religion is a scam.

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