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Kim Jong-un: China Sends Medical Experts To North Korea



According to rumours circulating, Kim Jong-un is currently in a “serious state” after having undergone a cardiovascular operation. The information, reported by American and South Korean media, has however been questioned through the official channels of Beijing and Seoul. Donald Trump also said he did not believe that the North Korean number one was sick, without specifying whether he had been in contact with Pyongyang.

A delegation led by a high representative of the international liaison department of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) nevertheless left Beijing for North Korea on Thursday. It is the main Chinese body responsible for relations with the North Korean neighbour. No comments could be obtained and this exit does not, therefore, allow us to know more about the state of health of the leader.

In North Korea, the media and officials have remained silent. The issue of the health of its leaders is considered to be related to national security. No communication has been made since April 11.

It should be noted that Kim Jong-un, 34, had already disappeared from the media for health reasons. Particularly in 2014 where he had reappeared after a month of limping.

Source: Naija News