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Kanye West Becomes Second Billionaire Rapper In History



In 2019, Jay-Z became the first billionaire rapper in history. A fortune he owes to his real estate possessions, his Roc Nation label, his Tidal music streaming platform, his collection of works of art or his investment in cognac and champagne. A year later, it is Kanye West who in turn joins the very closed club of billionaires, as announced by the American magazine Forbes, this Friday, April 24. With personal capital estimated at $ 1.3 billion, Kim Kardashian’s husband is officially the second richest rapper in the world.

Kanye West billionaire through fashion

If he is considered one of the biggest sellers in the music industry, Kanye West owes this new accomplishment to his brand of sneakers Yeezy, developed with Adidas and whose models sell for more than 200 dollars a pair. “According to Forbes, the revenues from its brand are slightly over a billion dollars and therefore alone explain its new financial status,” said AFP. And to clarify: “The rest of his money comes mainly from his properties says Forbes, who notes that the rapper is very spendthrift (he notably owns a tank).”

Kanye West has been claiming billionaire status for several years and even fell out with the business magazine, which has so far refused to include it in its ranking. The third richest rapper in the world is Dr. Dre with $ 800 million.

Puff Daddy and Drake are fourth and fifth respectively with fortunes estimated at $ 740 million for one and $ 150 million for the other.