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Oby Ezekwesili Reacts As El-Rufai’s Sonn Threatens To Gang Rape Mother


Anambra Lawmaker's Murder: Invite Buhari Over Insecurity, Ezekwesili Tells NASS

Kaduna State governor, Bello has stirred controversies on social media following his threat to gang rape the mother of a Twitter user.

The Twittrr user, who goes by the handle @Thanos_zer had stated an arguement,blasting the present government, and describing President Muhammadu Buhari’s alleged ineptitude as mind blowing.

He further described Bello as a “Daddy boy, saying, “I don’t shield anyone who’s inept. I can’t say the same about you. You’re Daddy’s boy and of course, nobody attacks the finger that feeds them. Buhari’s ineptitude is mind blowing. Yes I said and you’re not going to make me disappear. “

The Governor’s son who apparently was annoyed by the comment, responded to the surprise of other Twitter users, including a former Minister of Education, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili.

Bello, whose father is currently undergoing treatment for Coronavirus, responded, “This Daddy’s boy has heard your mother ability to take dick is mind blowing. Especially one dipped in Kerosene from Abia land.

“Sounds about fair. Despite the ineptitude, he is completing a bridge your Ebele couldn’t. You are stuck with PMB and can’t do shit. How’s failed Daddy? Oh and tell your mother that I’m passing her to my friends tonight. No Igbo sounds please! Tueh.” (Sic)

Mrs. Ezekwesili apparently surprised by lBello’s comment, demanded that the Governor’s son retract the comment and apologise.

Ezekwesili wrote, “@B_ELRUFAI Did I just see horrific tweets from your handle threatening gang-rape? What was that?
Why the ethnic vitriol toward Igbos? What’s that, Bello? Too tragic.

You need to not just immediately apologize for those vile tweets but get into an Anger Management program quickly.

“I have maintained that we can disagree without being disagreeable. We can object without being objectionable.
Healthy debates and divergences that arise are important for democratic development of societies.

However, Bello refused to tender any form of apology but rather accused the former Minister of being one sided in her judgement.

Finally, no apologies until he retracts his insult. If you won’t train them, we will do it gladly if they enter our mentions. If they don’t, that’s their business. Until then, I’d recommend you all watch Black Mirror! Happy Easter once again. Peace and love!

“I guess I made my point. Since Aunty Oby called out one person. Progress I guess. As I told her, if you don’t do that, they enter our mentions, we will do that for them. In all sincerity, this was needed. Be careful who you choose to insult. You might not like the reply,” Bello further warned.

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