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Coronavirus In Nigeria: A New Isolation Center Opened In Abuja



The Minister for Federal Capital Territory, Muhammed Musa Bello, on Tuesday, inspected the facilities and equipment of a newly constructed isolation center for patients with COVID -19 in Abuja.

This center is the second of its kind in the capital. He also visited the city’s Karu General Hospital, where development work is underway.

“We already have 150 beds installed with their sheets and pillows, as well as side cabinets,” said Muhammed Musa Bello.

Nigeria has requested $ 6.9 billion from multilateral lenders, including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, to deal with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, its finance minister said on Monday.

“I am very confident that with this type of partnership and the support of the wider community, especially the private sector, members of the medical community will be able to fight this pandemic to the end,” added Mr. Musa Bello.

The most populous nation in Africa has so far recorded more than 232 confirmed infections and 5 deaths from the new coronavirus.